Vamana (vomiting): 

Medical vomiting, or regulated nausea, is used in Vamana treatment to remove imbalances, excess mucus, and toxins mainly from the upper body, especially the digestive and respiratory systems.

Virechana (purgation): 

Virechana focuses on eliminating toxins and excess Pitta dosha (one of the body’s three fundamental energies or doshas in Ayurveda) through controlled purgation.


A medicinal oil, milk, ghee, or preparation from a herbal infusion is inserted into the bladder to execute this medicated enema treatment. Vasti Removes Toxins from the face with this enema.


An herbal juice or a medicinal oil injected into the nose during nasya treatment. Nasya relieves breathing problems, such as coughing, by clearing out any extra doshas that may have built up in the sinuses and throat.