Anjanam is an ayurvedic eye therapy that uses herbal eye ointments to heal and improve vision as well as to ward off eye illnesses. Additionally, this therapy aids in getting rid of eye irritation, burning, and foreign particles entered.

About Anjanam Therapy

Salaka is used to apply herbal remedies to the conjunctival fornix. A Salaka is a piece of equipment that resembles a rod and has blunt ends that are 8 to 10 inches long.

Collyrium, a kind of herbal medicine, is applied to the eyelids during treatment. Collyrium is used in the form of tablets, juice, wick, powder, and many other forms. Cataracts, conjunctivitis, macular degeneration, and impaired vision are some conditions that may benefit.

Tablet form[gutika] is prepared from medicinal herbs in a pasty form and made dry. Rasa/Rasakriya is prepared after the condensation of herbal decoctions. Choorna is prepared with herbal powders.

Three types of Anjanas are:
  •    Lekhana scraping unwanted tissues wastes and doshas
  •    Ropana basically healing
  •    Prasaadhana is soothing and cleansing

Benefits of Anjanam Therapy

  • Relaxes the optic nerves 
  • Soothing the optic nerves 
  • Brings beauty and luster to the eyes
  • Relieves the mind

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