The word Soundaryarakshanam is a composite of the words Soundarya which means beauty and Rakshanam which means defense. This therapy literally carries out what its name means by safeguarding the beauty of the patients.

About Soundaryarakshanam Therapy

The first stage of this therapy is an indebt analysis of the points of concern and skin type of the client to get a comprehensive understanding of what they require and then determine the route of the treatment. Freshly picked and naturally treated herbs are mixed into a full-body mask that is perfect for the patient in question. The ingredients for each mask are hand-picked by the problem area, age, and skin type of each individual to guarantee complete replenishment of the skin. Additional steaming and gentle scrubbing might also be undertaken in some cases. 

This therapy has multiple aesthetic benefits such as preventing eruptions, smoothening out ache scars, helping clear up patches of hyperpigmentation and dryness, and acting as a natural facelift by tightening and hydrating the skin by reversing the negative effect that pollution, chemicals, and prolonged sun exposure can have on the skin. 

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, this treatment also has a calming effect on nerves and oxygenates the skin cells.

Benefits of Soundaryarakshanam Therapy

  • Detoxification 
  • Skin tightening 
  • Exfoliation 
  • Acne and pimple management 
  • Oxygenation 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Improves the skin texture and tanning of the skin

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