Gandhoosham Kavalam

Traditional Ayurvedic oral hygiene involves gargling. Most people gargle with salt water to relieve toothaches or throat irritation. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine reported in 2005 that “gargling tended to attenuate bronchial symptoms” in a randomized study.

About Gandhoosham Kavalam Therapy

When using oil, this method is referred to as “oil pulling.” But why restrict yourself to oil when gargling according to Ayurvedic principles can benefit you in so many other ways as well?

In the literature on Ayurveda, two different Gargling techniques are described:
  • Kavalam: Moving liquid about in the mouth for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Gandoosham: Filling the mouth to the brim with liquids while forbidding any internal movement.

Ayurvedic gargling therapy provides both therapeutic and preventative benefits. To improve dental hygiene, you must incorporate this quick and uncomplicated therapy into your everyday practice.

Benefits of Gandhoosham Kavalam Therapy

  • Helps to fix the loose teeth
  • Prevents tooth decay 
  • Reduces the sensitivity of teeth
  • Treats bleeding gums
  • Helps in facial paralysis
  • Eliminates foul smells from the mouth

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