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Abhyangam is a full-body massage that entails massaging the body with herbal oil. It is beneficial and relaxing for various body types and diseases.

Paada is the Sanskrit word for a step and paalanam means protection. This technique is the perfect natural and toxin-free replacement for present-day pedicures.

Njavara facial is a facial performed using Njavara rice. It helps reduce wrinkles, heals blemished skin by removing the dead skin layer and cleanses the face.


We provide a post-therapy steam facility, which helps the oil absorption in the body eventually improving skin quality, relaxing the muscles, and helping reduce tan.

Divyamrut Ayurcare offers Authentic Kerala Ayurvedic treatment and wellness services in Mumbai.

Our goal is to promote the wonders of Ayurveda and spread the knowledge of our forefathers among the youth of the nation. Our guests can embrace the goodness of Ayurveda Therapies through our expansive collection of relaxing, professional treatments utilizing a wide array of natural and organic products.

Our professional staff will work with you to meet your needs. Whether you are new to Ayurvedic treatment & therapy or a long-time wellness enthusiast, our treatments are crafted to enhance your senses and overall well-being.

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