The eyes are the most exquisite and priceless feature. It’s crucial to properly care for your eyes. The eye is under a lot of strain as a result of lifestyle changes. Netradhara or Netra Vasti is a powerful Ayurvedic treatment that is very good for the eyes.

About Netradhara Therapy

This is a unique form of eye therapy that uses therapeutic oils or decoctions. During this procedure, an oil mixture containing medicines are used to wash the eyes. In this unique cleansing method, a stream of liquid herbal concoction is continuously poured over the eyes for around 30 minutes while the head is resting comfortably. This procedure involves washing the eyes with Triphala water, which both cleanses the eyes and treats several eye-related issues.

Benefits of Netradhara Therapy

  • Nourishes injured, rough, tired, and dry eyes
  • Relaxes and soothes the eyes by cooling and refreshing them
  • Strengthens the eye muscles and nerves
  • Improves eyesight

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