Ayurvedic Face Mask

The herbal and natural ingredients in our Ayurvedic facial contain the perfect blend of nutrients to add radiance to your skin. To begin with, the face is first cleansed to remove any dust or impurities followed by applying ayurvedic oil made using various herbs.

About Ayurvedic Face Mask

It is massaged over the face which helps stimulates blood circulation and increases skin elasticity. After prepping the face with a relaxing massage a face scrub is applied made by mixing various ayurvedic ingredients, scrubbing the face using this helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and helps to hydrate the skin. The scrub is then cleansed followed by applying a face pack made using a mixture of ayurvedic ingredients. This face mask treats Pimples and Acne Scars.

Benefits of the Ayurvedic Face Mask

  • Relieves Dryness and Supports Ageing Skin
  • Makes Your Skin Glow
  • Enhances Overall Well-Being

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