Thalapothichil or Shirolepa is a cooling technique that is very popular in south Indian states. The therapy begins with a gentle scalp massage with ayurvedic herb-infused oil. Once the head is sufficiently saturated with oil a thick paste made from buttermilk and beneficial herbs is applied to the scalp.

About Thalapothichil Therapy

This medicated paste is customized to fit the need of each individual to ascertain they are benefitted from each ingredient used. A small central portion of the scalp is left uncovered. This indent is filled up with medicine-infused oils. The paste is then covered up with banana leaves. The patient is allowed to rest for 40-50 minutes to allow the paste and oils to penetrate through the scalp and be absorbed by the body.

The leaves and the paste are then removed. The therapy is bought to a close with a final relaxing head massage. This treatment is known to bring significant relief from both mental ailments like psychosomatic disorder as well scalp-related problems.

Benefits of Thalapothichil Therapy

  • Stabilizes the nervous system
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces muscle tension in the head and neck 
  • Improves luster and quality of hair
  • Promotes endocrine activation 
  • Increases memory power and intelligence  
  • Improves sinusitis and reduces congestion 
  • Rectifies psychosomatic disorders
  • Promotes hair growth

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