Hasthasekam is a specialized treatment used exclusively to manage finger arthritis, hand tremors, and numbness. Hasthasekam is derived from the two Sanskrit words, Hasth and Sekam, meaning warming of hands or, simply put, heat therapy for hands.

About Hasthasekam Therapy

Our fingers are becoming some of the most beautified but neglected features on our bodies. This is because most people relish having pretty nails and clean manicured fingers but forget to care for the underlying structure that lends our hands their dexterity.

To begin this treatment, the oils used during the therapy are infused with ayurvedic herbal essences and extracts to ascertain maximum effectiveness. This oil is gradually warmed up and steadily poured over the hands of the patient throughout the treatment. The ratio of the herbs in the oil and even the type of oil used is adjusted by various factors such as the patient’s health, level of pain, and body type, among others. Special attention is given to joints, tendons, or any other points where discomfort is experienced.

The use of warm oils infused with herbs penetrates through the skin and stimulates the nerve endings in the hands and fingers while also promoting better blood circulation which can be very useful for patients suffering from diabetes-related numbness of the hand, moreover, the application of the oils also improves the health of the nail beds allowing our nails to get longer and stronger naturally.

Benefits of Hasthasekam Therapy

  • Pain management 
  • Relaxation
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Improve oxygen flow
  • Repair joints, tendons, and inflammation