Fruit Facial

A Fruit facial has concentrates of fruits that help in deep cleansing of the skin. It refreshes and revitalizes your skin without side effects. Because of the presence of vitamin C and A in the fruits used for fruit facial, it helps in exfoliation of the skin and lightens the skin thus helps the skin to glow.

About Fruit Facial

The facial begins by first cleansing the face to remove any dust or impurities followed by applying ayurvedic oil made using various herbs. Depending upon the type of skin the oil is replaced with medicated milk. It is massaged over the face which helps stimulates blood circulation and increases skin elasticity. After prepping the face with a relaxing massage a face scrub is applied made by a mixture of fresh fruits such as orange, papaya, banana, etc scrubbing the face using this helps exfoliate the skin cells and helps to hydrate the skin.

The scrub is then cleansed followed by applying a face pack made using a mixture of the same fresh fruits. This face pack acts as a natural moisturizer, followed by massaging the face. Fruit facials not only help the face glow but also promote youthful skin.

Benefits of Fruit Facial

  • Helps in the deep cleansing of the skin
  • It lessens pigmentation, and blotchiness from the face and helps skin tone
  • It sustains the skin layers for shine and glows
  • It helps in reducing dark spots, dark imprints, and pimple spots as well
  • It helps to rejuvenate the skin

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