Pichu therapy is a palliative treatment that gets its name from the medicated cloth fold that is placed on the affected area of the patient during treatment. It can be applied to the neck, spine, hip, chest, knee, and shoulder depending on the patient’s needs and conditions.

About Pichu Therapy

A wool or cotton cloth is folded to the thickness of one’s palm, bathed in heated medicinal oils, and then applied to the patient to perform the therapy. Up till the Pichu therapy is submerged, more oil is dripped. The process is then repeated after replacing it. Patients with chronic headaches, neck pain, back discomfort, fractures, and dislocations are given Pichu therapy treatment.

Benefits of Pichu Therapy

  • Helps reduce stiffness, pain and inflammation
  • Benefits differ based on the position of Pichu therapy
  • Results of Pichu therapy are quicker
  • Helps in concentration and memory growth for kids
  • Helps in spondylosis

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