Ubtan Full Body Massage

Ayurvedic herbs like chandan, kesar, and others are mixed together and applied to the body; the active ingredients penetrate the skin and feed the various layers of the skin. In the end, this enhances the skin’s natural beauty and overall health.

About Ubtan Therapy

It begins with a full-body Oil Abhyangam, in which varied massage strokes are used to lubricate the skin and improve circulation.
After the abhyang, the body is covered in a paste consisting of milk, rosewater, etc. This coating should be given time to dry.
A swedan procedure, which involves applying steam to the skin, is then performed to help the skin pores open up and facilitate sweating out waste items.
The combination of herbs for Ubtan is selected based on the person’s skin type.

Benefits of Ubtan Therapy

  • Improves skin color and texture
  • Gives even skin tone
  • Prevents premature ageing and wrinkling
  • Improves glow
  • Tightens skin pores
  • Relaxation

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