Njavara Facial

Njavara facial is a type of facial performed using Njavara rice. Grown in Kerala this rice not only works as an excellent scrub but also poses medicinal properties due to its mineral and chemical composition. You name a skin issue and it has a solution to it.

About Njavara Facial

Njavara is widely known as a good dust collector in return leaving the skin soft and glowing at the end of the facial. It helps reduce wrinkles, heals chapped and blemished skin by removing the dead skin layer, and also cleanses the face. 

The facial begins by first cleansing the face to remove any dust or impurities followed by applying ayurvedic oil made using various herbs. The oil is massaged over the face which helps stimulates blood circulation and increases skin elasticity. After prepping the face with a relaxing massage a face scrub is applied made by grinding the Najavara rice, scrubbing the face using helps exfoliate the skin cells and reduce acne breakouts.

The scrub is then cleansed followed by applying a face pack made using Najavara rice paste and medicated milk. This face pack allows the skin to relax, followed by massaging the face. Njavara facials not only help the face to glow but also heal it.

Benefits of Njavara Facial

  • Helps the skin to glow
  • Heals chapped and blemished skin
  • Helps to treat acne vulgarise
  • Removes dead skin layer
  • Helps treat psoriasis
  • Helps to treat hyperpigmentation

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