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It is undoubtedly challenging to maintain joy and mindfulness when you feel like your skull is about to blow up. Sometimes we can blame a pounding headache on the binge-watching that kept us up all night, or perhaps it was the bag of salted potato chips or the third glass of wine. Sometimes, though, our headaches appear completely mysterious.

Causes of Headache, Migraine

There Are Two Main Streams Cause of Headache, Migraine

      1. Primary
      2. Secondary
    • Primary: Primary headaches don’t have any connections to any other illnesses.
    • Secondary: These are headaches from other sources, such as stimulation of the head’s pain-sensitive nerves by a particular condition.

    Some Are As Follows:

        • Blood Clotting
        • Bleeding either inside the brain or in the surrounding areas 
        • Brain Freezing after eating something cold
        • The inhalation of a gas called carbon monoxide
        • Hangover
        • Dehydration
        • Concussion 
        • Brain tumour
        • Glaucoma 
        • Influenza

      A dangerous medical condition could be the cause of your headaches. Therefore, a medical professional or Ayurvedic practitioner should be consulted for recurrent, severe, and persistent headaches, especially if conventional pain relievers are ineffective.

      Types of Headaches, Migraine

      The causes, intensity, length of time they take to heal, and treatment methods for different types of headaches vary.

      Types of Headaches, Migraine

          1. Stress headache
          2. Migraine
          3. Cluster headache
          4. Sinus headache

        Ayurvedic Viewpoint on Painful Headaches, Migraine

        According to Ayurveda, headaches are not regarded as a disease but rather as a sign of vitiation of one or more doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, with Vata usually being the primary dosha affected.

        Types of Headache and migraine mentioned in Ayurveda:

            1. Ardhaavabheda (unilateral pain ) 
            2. Anantavaata (classical migraine) 
            3. Suryaputra (morning headache)

          Some Causes of Headaches and migraines in terms of Ayurveda are as follows

              1. Indigestion 
              2. Constipation
              3. Unhealthy Food
              4. oily and spicy food
              5. stress, sadness, and anger
              6. consuming dry and salty food 
              7. pungent food

            The Ayurvedic practitioner will identify the underlying cause and dosha imbalance through questioning and the Rogi Pariksha exam.  An explanation of the different kinds of headaches caused by dosha vitiation can be found below.

            What Type of Massage Is Best For Headache And Migraines?

            Ayurvedic Treatment for Headaches, Migraine

                • Shirodhara 
                • Nasyam 
                • Shirobhyanga
                • Shirolepa

              Yoga Postures for Headaches, Migraine

                  • Savasana
                  • Setu bandh asana
                  • Paschimott anasana
                  • Janu Sirs asana
                  • Bala sana

                What are the Ayurvedic Tips to Avoid Headache, and Migraine?

                    • Don’t stay up late at night
                    • Sleeping less Than 7 hours or more than 8
                    • Frequent Intake of painkillers should be avoided
                    • Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking
                    • Consumption of strong tea and coffee
                    • Frequent fasting or going long hours between meals
                    • Long periods of direct sunlight
                    • Outdoors in windy conditions
                    • Excessive use of digital screens

                  How to cure Headache, and Migraine in Ayurveda?

                  Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Headaches, Migraine

                  Ginger: Ginger has the effect of lessening scalp blood vessel inflammation.

                  Marigold tea: Marigold tea has an analgesic property. If you would like, you can add honey to it.

                  Lavender Oil: The calming aroma of lavender essential oil aids in the relief of headaches brought on by stress.

                  Cinnamon: One excellent treatment for headaches is cinnamon. To make a thick paste, grind some cinnamon and add a little water.

                  Cloves: The cooling and pain-relieving qualities of cloves make them an easy solution for headache issues.

                  Basil leaves: In a cup of boiling water, place three or four basil leaves, and let steep for a few minutes.

                  How to reduce Headaches, and Migraine by massage?

                  Self-Massage Methods Treatment for Headaches, Migraine

                      1. Hydrate well both before and after completing these procedures.
                      2. Firmly press your thumbs together and into the area just below your forehead, which is the bridge of your nose. Take ten deep breaths and hold. 5 times over, repeat.
                      3. With the pads of your thumbs very near the nose bridge, place them directly beneath your forehead. This time, though, you’re going to apply intense upward pressure to your forehead. While maintaining this pressure for ten seconds, take deep breaths. 5 times over, repeat.
                      4. Pinch your eyebrows with both hands and hold them there for 10 seconds. Take a deep breath 5 times over, repeat.
                      5. For 10 seconds, apply consistent pressure while pressing your middle three fingers firmly into the sides of your temple in a slight circular motion. Take a deep breath. 5 times over, repeat.

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