Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain At Divyamrut Ayurcare

Get Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain  at Divyamrut Ayurcare. The majority of us may experience back pain at some point in our lives. Back pain can occur from a variety of causes, including bad sleeping positions and negligent sitting postures, and it may even worsen if ignored. Thankfully, back pain can be reduced, controlled, and occasionally even avoided with the appropriate actions. Back pain is approached holistically in Ayurveda, with an emphasis on treating the condition at its source.

Back Pain Symptoms and Diagnosis:

pain can be brought on by poor posture, tense muscles, and inflammation of the pelvic joints in this day and age of fast-paced living. Vata becomes aggravated as a result. Sciatica, which is characterized by pain radiating from the lower back to the back of one or both legs, can also result from it.

Causes Of Back Pain:

  • Bad posture
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Muscle strain or injury
  • Fracture or sprain to the spine
  • Ligament damage due to heavy lifting
  • Sitting in one place for a long time
  • Infections
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Nerve impingement
  • Anxiety

When seeking relief from back pain, there are several Ayurvedic treatments to consider. Most of those treatments are available to people seeking relief from back pain treatments through Divyamrut Ayurcare.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain: (Prevention, Treatment)

Back Pain Treatment in Ayurveda: Prevention from Back Pain

Given, Following are the prevention From Back Pain

  • Regular back stretching exercises: Exercise increases our mobility, keeps us active, and maintains the health of our body’s organs. Regularly performing back stretching like Cat-Cow stretching exercises can help maintain the health of your back.
  • Avoid sitting idly for long hours: One of the most agonizing side effects of prolonged sitting in one position is back pain, which can be caused by some different illnesses. Continue taking quick breaks every thirty to forty minutes while working.
  • Avoid improper seating and lying posture: Because of our hectic lives, we frequently forget how important good posture is.
  • Massage therapy: Your back can be kept in better shape with a variety of massage therapies, from self-massage to professional massages with medication at the Divyamrut Ayurcare.

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What is the best treatment for lower back pain in Ayurveda?

Treatment for Back Pain:

At Divyamrut Ayurcare, we provide a large range of all-natural back pain remedies. By using a variety of herbal remedies in conjunction with treatments like Abhyanga, Kati Basti, Njavarakizhi, etc., we help calm the agitated Vayu and ultimately provide relief from back pain. Furthermore, relief may also be obtained by giving medicated enemas for eight, fifteen, or thirty days. You might also think about doing simple yoga poses. In Ayurveda, some yoga poses are excellent treatments for lower back pain.

  1. Abhyanga: Abhyanga, a specialized Ayurvedic massage, uses a lot of warm, herb-infused oil that is tailored to the patient’s Dosha. Abhyanga tones the muscles and lubricates the joints with light pressure and rubbing. In addition, it stimulates internal organs, increases circulation, and nourishes the body, which all support healthy joints and tissues and restore equilibrium to tense doshas.
  2. Kati Basti: Kati Vasti is a specific technique for the lower back and lumbar area that entails gently massaging the lower back after up to 40 minutes of continuously applying warm, herbal oil to the area. Lower back stiffness can be greatly reduced and lower back muscles can be strengthened with Kat Vasti. It is beneficial as a preventive and curative therapy as a result.
  3. Njavarakizhi: Njavarakizhi, a unique rejuvenation treatment, uses pouches of cooked rice combined with milk and herbal extracts. It relieves stress, encourages sweating to rid the body of toxins, tones muscles, and even heals nerve damage. Additionally, Njavarakizhi has the amazing ability to improve the texture of your skin, which will make you feel and look better.

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What is the fastest way to get relief from back pain?


Toxic materials that have accumulated over time must removed to help the body regain equilibrium. A variety of therapies are used in the practice of Panchakarma, including:

  • Herbal oil massages
  • Steam baths
  • Enemas (Basti)
  • Laxatives
  • Nasal administration
  • Specialized diets

Together, these therapies seek to cleanse the body, reduce stress, promote healing, and revitalize the mind and body.

What Ayurvedic food is good for back pain?
Effective Ayurvedic Foods for Back Pain Relief are as follows:

Shallaki: The holy plant shallaki is used extensively in traditional medicine and is regarded as a key component of Ayurvedic treatment. This plant yields oleo gum resin, which has several therapeutic uses.

Ginger: Bioactive compounds like zingerone and gingerol are found in ginger. These substances may be able to lessen pain because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Guggulu: As guggulu is an anti-inflammatory herb, it eases pain in the tissues, joints, and muscles.

Ashwagandha: With its anti-arthritic qualities and ability to calm the nervous system, ashwagandha aids in pain relief.

Back pain is a crippling ailment that must not disregard. It can limit you and negatively impact your quality of life, but it can also be a sign of a more serious problem that goes deeper.

Back pain can effectively treated with Ayurveda, which also addresses its underlying cause. This is due to Ayurveda’s dual approach to treating internal and external illnesses. Ayurvedic medicine is the best treatment for back pain because it is natural and holistic, allowing you to achieve overall physical and mental health. It also relieves back pain and restores balance through various remedies, massages, and lifestyle modifications.

Come visit us at Divyamrut Ayurcare Center, the Ayurvedic Clinic right now if you have back pain and are searching for a long-lasting and efficient treatment solution. Our team of Ayurvedic Doctors are knowledgeable Ayurvedic consultants who can direct you toward the safest, most all-natural methods for reestablishing equilibrium, calming an overactive vata dosha, and relieving back pain.